A BBQ Treat in Vancouver’s DTES

  • ‘Tis the season to be giving!

    With the help of some amazing and generous sponsors, we were able to do just that. Earlier this week, we took some staff, some of amazing partners and teamed up to serve almost 500 pulled pork sandwiches to our guests living in the Vancouver’s downtown eastside.  It was an amazing opportunity for us to help out our community and spread our love for BBQ amongst those who may not regularly get to eat some amazing smokey flavours! In our daily lives, we sometimes take for granted the things we are accustomed to, and being able to surprise our new friends with one of our best selling menu items was an amazing scene.
    We were ecstatic to partner up with Darrel Seskin and Rob Eichhorn (Richmond’s only other BBQ Team) Braai-Q and their team. These guys jumped at the opportunity to give back to the community when we mentioned the event to them. How could we not include them? Getting BBQ sauce on their shirts and getting messy is just another day for a BBQ Pitmaster. We compete against them during the year, but we team up with them  to help one another during the off season. We like that. Thanks Darrel & Rob!  http://braaiq.co
    A thank you to Carolyn, the meal coordinator at Powell Street Gateway (part of the Lookout Society) to help coordinate our initiative and to make sure everything ran smoothly. When word got out that a BBQ Team would be serving Pulled Pork sandwiches, it sure got the attention of some hungry spirits to line up down the street to get a seat.  http://lookoutsociety.ca
    A very HUGE thanks to Johnston’s who came up BIG and supplied us with 300lbs of pork butt for this event. You don’t hear of many suppliers that are ready to make such a big commitment to something like this, but Johnston’s was quick to help out and get us the product we needed. They are a first class food supplier and Hog Shack is extremely proud to work with Johnston’s and carry their products on our menu throughout the year.  Amazing products and even more amazing people over there. www.johnstons.ca


    Also, a big thanks to local food supplier Yen Bros. for supplying us some of the buns and Sysco Foods & Canada Bread who supplied us with some more buns (remember.. we needed 500 of these right?).



    We wish everyone a happy holidays and we try not to forget those who many not enjoy the holidays as magically as they would like to.  Every little bit of giving helps those who may need it.

     John & Allan






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