Control Panel

  • The Themeology Control Panel includes everything that you need to setup and customize your site. Everything from the theme-skin and logo to the homepage layouts and navigation settings is covered in one easy to use jQuery options panel. Check out the full list and a quick video preview below:

    Design Settings

    • Skin Selector (20 Skins)
    • Custom Logo Image
    • Custom Browser Icon
    • Cufon Font Replacement Settings
    • Body Font Selector
    • Custom CSS Panel
    • Alpha Loader
    • Stagger Image Gallery Loader

    Navigation Options

    • Full Menu Builder (WP 3.0x Ready)
    • Search Bar (on/off)
    • Social Media (on/off)
    • Center the Navigation (on/off)
    • Navigation Width

    Social Media Options

    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Vimeo
    • Flickr
    • LinkedIn
    • Tumblr
    • Email
    • RSS

    Nivo Slider Options

    • Show the Slider (on/off)
    • Slider Skin (Light/Dark)
    • Slider Category
    • Number of Slices
    • Animation Effect (random, slice, fade, directional, etc.)
    • Animation Speed
    • Pause Time

    ShoutSpace & BlurbSpace Options

    • Turn each Homepage Module on or off
    • Enter your own images, icons, and text in each Homepage Module
    • Custom Cufon Styling

    Footer Options

    • Turn Advertising on or off
    • Customize Advertisements and Destination URLs
    • Custom Copyright Text
    • Footer Navigation Builder