Integrated Plugins

  • Themeology comes pre-packed with a whole bunch of awesome script plugins so you don’t have to sweat installing them yourself. What’s better? You can actually disable them from the control panel in case you’re just not interested. Let’s review the major stuff:

    PrettyPhoto Lightbox

    This awesome little lightbox plugin can be used anywhere on the site. Just add a link using the [ rel=”prettyPhoto[]” ] format and it’ll launch photos, galleries, videos, and more![EXAMPLE]

    Stagger Gallery Loading

    This is a fancy little script that forces the galleries to “stagger” the image loading – which means that viewers are treated to a cool little intro for your galleries while the rest of the images load. Again, this is super easy to turn off.

    SuperFish Dropdowns

    An old standard, this plugin allows you to create superfast dropdown menus that animate in and out.

    Tipsy Tooltips

    Super sexy tooltips. Just give any link (or any image, div, span, etc.) the following bits of code and you’re set to go: class=”tipsy” original-title=”Text”. [EXAMPLE]

    Cufon Font Replacement

    Not stoked with boring old web fonts? Turn on Cufon Font Replacement (pick from 3 different fonts) to supercharge your title fonts, the navigation, and more! It’s also super easy to turn off in case you don’t want it.

    Site Alpha Loader

    When turned on, this feature automatically “fades in” the entire website from a blank screen. Turn it off if your site uses particularly big images (like HD res stuff).

    Nivo Slider

    This image slider comes pre-packaged with about 40 different options from custom Animation effects, speed, and pause times. Heck, it even comes with a couple pre-made skins for you to pick from.